Master the Art of Kart Driving Book

Our good friend Terence Dove of EvenFlow Kart driver coaching has released a brand new karting book, all about becoming an elite level kart driver!

“Learn How To Master The Art Of Kart Driving” is a 180+ page publication available as a paperback or Kindle eBook.

There are dedicated chapters on braking, steering, concentration, chassis loading, overtaking, wet techniques… plus a whole bunch more!

With 15 Chapters all up, the book is a real tool chest of helpful hints, ideas and information for any kart driver who wants to improve their game.


  • How to build resilient and genuine self confidence, and why you have to drive your own way.
  • Choose from experience-tested building blocks to build your own highly effective driving style.
  • Understand the different braking methods that work –  hard lock up braking vs soft braking techniques.
  • Learn racing strategies laws of the jungle that maximise the chances of finishing at the front.
  • Use your eyes like a guided weapons system or apex predator to activate untapped primitive mental capacities.
  • Specific wet techniques on using ‘out of bounds’ kerbs and special lines to discover superior grip.
  • Crafty mental techniques for power concentration, blistering starts and freaking out your opponents.

All delivered in plain and easy to understand language designed to make learning elite driving techniques easy!

Find the book for sale here 

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